Canterbury Environmental Education Centre

Kingfisher Trail

Many schools visit the Broad Oak Nature Reserve during the year, usually for a day visit. Pupils can walk the Kingfisher, Southern and Sunrise Trails which illustrate the various habitats available. Virtual tours on the World Wide Web enable pupils and staff to expand the value of the "wet welly" visit.

By "walking" the virtual Web trails well before a visit, staff have time to integrate the environment work into projects and to plan the visit. Pupils will arrive with a better understanding of the habitats available and have questions ready.

After the visit, pupils can use the Web to download pictures for project work and can return to check how plants and animals are faring at other times of the year. Pupils can also ask questions of Broad Oak Nature Reserve experts by E-mail.

You can click on many of the pictures to see a wider view - look to see if the cursor changes to a hand . Pictures may be copied for school use, but please credit Broad Oak Nature Reserve.

Copying Pictures - Internet Explorer: Click on the picture with the right mouse button and select copy. Switch to the application (eg First Word) and paste in the picture. In some cases it is better to paste the picture into a graphics program first, eg. Paint Shop Pro.

Saving Pictures to Disk - Netscape: Right click with the mouse and select Save Image As.... Select a suitable folder (c:\work is easy to remember). Switch to Word and from the Insert menu, select "Picture > from file"

The Kingfisher Virtual Tour was designed in 1994 by Neil Morgan, CEEC, and Peter Banbury, EIS, to investigate curriculum applications of the Internet suited to Key Stage 2 pupils. Work continues. Broad Oak Nature Reserve is a managed unit within Kent C.C. Education and Libraries. EIS, Information Services Group, supports schools in their use of ICT.