View from Lakes (above). The electricity gantries hold the power lines, with ceramic insulators used to ensure no earthing of the current occurs. In the aerial view (right) a number of shadows can be seen falling to the left.
The sun is in the East. Most of the shadows are the gantries that hold the high voltage wires inside the substation fence. The buildings at the bottom end of the compound contain the switching gear to control the flow of electricity to Canterbury South substation. The old environmental education centre is opposite the control centre, with the new centre to be built below the road bend.
The grey cross shape at the bottom of the picture is a pylon seen from above
Power from the National Grid substation is delivered to Canterbury and much of East Kent via this substation. Both 'subs' were built in the 1960's on London Clay used to fill in the quarry lake that was here. This was waste material from a nearby Brett's quarry.
EDF Canterbury North
Electricity Substation