Sunrise Trail - Viewpoint S1

Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
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Wooded Area
No matter what time of year, this viewpoint is a good place to watch birds. In the winter the fruits of the alder trees attract finches and during the summer the reed beds provide good nesting sites for warblers. The old trees in this area are a good place to find fungi, look at the bottom of tree trunks and on dead wood on the ground. You may notice some piles of old logs here, we call these habitat piles because they provide great places for land invertebrates / minibeasts to live. If you look under the logs, remember to replace them!

What is a Habitat?

A habitat is a home for plants and animals. There are many types of habitat and each one provides a home for different communities of plants and animals. Here you can find wetland, woodland, grassland and river habitats. All these habitats mean that the nature reserve provides a home for many different living things. This rich biodiversity is very important resource - the reserve is a haven for wildlife in this industrial area.


EIS: August 1998