Sunrise Trail - Viewpoint S2

Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
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Ice Covered Lake
This picture should help give you some clues as to what time of year it is. There is plenty of sunlight, but last night it was cold enough to freeze the lake surface! Some of the crack willows in this area have grown up to 15 metres high.

Time Traveller
Over a hundred years ago this whole site was meadow and marshland, used by local farmers for grazing. Close your eyes and imagine the quiet munching of cows as they graze on the lush grass! The area has changed so much since then, how do you think the flat marshland became lakes and islands?
Crack Willows

Crack Willows gained their name because their brittle wood snaps with a characteristic crack. The brittle wood means they are easily damaged in strong winds. Part of the mangement plan of the nature reserve involves checking these trees for storm damage after strong winds, as they can cause a great deal of danger if they fall down and block the trails.


EIS: August 1998