Sunrise Trail - Viewpoint S6

Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
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The Highest Point
You are now standing on the highest point of Sunrise Trail and can see Canterbury Cathedral and surrounding industry. If you look through a gap in the hedge, you can spot some factories. Why do some factory owners build hills or plant a tree screen and not others?

As you pass under the cables you can see where a wayleave has been cut to keep the trees away from the overhead power lines. We make use of this by coppicing the willow.


Some companies feel it is important to minimise their impact on the environment. The electricity company decided to build hills all the way around the substation so that it would not spoil peoples view; the substation would be hidden or screened. Other companies choose to plant a tree screen to do a similar job.



Coppicing is a conservation management technique. The trees are cut down to ground level to encourage growth of new shoots. These long thin poles can then harvested and use to weave shelters or baskets. Coppicing also allows more light to reach the plants living on the ground and provide a good habitat for the insects.


EIS: August 1998