Since the start of 1997, weather recordings have been taken at Canterbury Broad Oak Nature Reserve. At the centre we have a weather station with various apparatus allowing measurements to be made. A Stevenson screen houses our thermometers which tell us maximum and minimum temperatures. A rain gauge has been positioned in the open away from trees and buildings. The anemometer is fixed to an electricity pylon and continually records wind speed. There is also a wind vane to indicate the direction of wind. A barometer in one of the classrooms allows pressure readings to be taken, giving an indication of approaching weather conditions. In the past it has also been possible to record the hours of sunshine. Broad Oak Nature Reserve has a large lake and the water levels and temperature are also noted every working day. A sluice gate is used to control the lake levels which can be affected by the River Stour which runs next to the reserve. When the River Stour water level is higher than the lakes the sluice gate is closed. If the Broad Oak lake level is higher than the rivers', the sluice gate is opened to release some water into the river. To view our weather records in Excel fomat please click here.

On 5th May 2004, Canterbury Broad Oak Nature Resreve experienced a very interesting weather day. For more details and images from that day, please click here.