How much have you remembered about weather and climate? Read the questions below and click on the globe and magnifying glassto find the information to answer these questions. you may need to use the scrollbar or click on more hyperlinks to find the answers.

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What is the difference between weather and climate? Try and list all the things that make up weather. click here

Can you name 3 different cloud types? Can you remember what types of weather they are linked with? click here
What other names are used for a hurricane? click here
On the fujita scale, what is the most powerful tornado? click here
Where was the highest temperature recorded in the Summer of 2003? What was this reading? click here
What is the most important factor in flooding? click here
What climatic zone is the United Kingdom found in? click here
Can you name 3 things that make Greenhouse Gases? click here
What are the 3 units of speed that wind can be measured by? click here
Can you name 3 different types of precipitation? click here